Как выжить писателям

The only solution ultimately is a political one. As we grow increasingly disillusioned with quick-fix consumerism, we may want to consider an option which exists in many non-digital industries: quite simply, demanding that writers get paid a living wage for their work. Do we respect the art and craft of writing enough to make such demands? If we do not, we will have returned to the garret, only this time, the writer will not be alone in his or her cold little room, and will be writing to and for a computer screen, trying to get hits on their site that will draw the attention of the new culture lords – the service providers and the advertisers.

Грустный, но во многом верный прогноз Эвана Моррисона в его докладе на Эдинбургской книжной ярмарке, очень близкий идеям «Анархономики»: рано или поздно контент станет бесплатным, хотим мы этого или нет. А вот что делать писателям? Рецепт нетривиальный: пенсия.


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