Структура книжных продаж в США (2009)

The publishing industry’s alarm over the electronic book isn’t based on current use. Last year, less than 2 percent of all books sold were e-books, according to Bowker, which tracks the industry.

By contrast, trade paperbacks and hardcovers made up approximately 35 percent each of unit sales, Bowker says. Mass market paperbacks came in at 21 percent.

But we all know how fast technology can take hold. Not long ago, e-commerce sites like Amazon.com were just a blip on the bookselling scene, and now they are major players.

Book chains still hold the lead in the percentage of books sold, at 27 percent, but they are now followed by e-commerce sites, at 20 percent. Independent booksellers, meanwhile, account for only 5 percent of books sold.

With e-books costing less to make but also selling for much less than printed books, it’s no wonder that publishers are anxiously eyeing the horizon.

Ебуки — 2 процента.


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